Internet Aesthetic

Post Music: Freak Hoe – Future

I declared my Business major before I ever stepped on Elon University’s campus as a student. Since 2004, I’ve been focusing on my “personal brand” for the purposes of interviews and my career ambitions.

That said, as the general populace transition to the Internet as their source of connecting to the world, we’ve seen a rise in “personal aesthetic” as a way of defining ourselves.

The shady side of me wants to tell that Flight jackets, boxer braids cornrows, bronzed out makeup, and boots (Timberlands or Velvet Boots) are not particularly interesting.

Looking at you Kylie Jenner.

But if we remove my initial judgment of people, there is something to be said about how we represent ourselves. People choose to show themselves through their pinning their favorite collections, posting screenshots or audio clips from personal Spotify playlists on the Gram, or memes featuring cartoon characters on Facebook.

What do the Minions have to do with delicious and unhealthy treats?

I think our desire to show who we are as individuals is natural and that in the end. So obviously, let’s talk about my aesthetic!


Bodyrolls / Choreography



Actual Glamour

Hoodrat Stuff

doyouwanna   katiekhia-o


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