I’m Going to Fight Solange

I’ve listened to Cranes In the Sky so many times since I’ve listened to Solange’s new album “A Seat At The Table”.

The entire album itself is fantastic. It manages to be topical with beautiful production. It uses Solange’s as well as the featured artists perfectly. It has the best L’il Wayne verse I’ve heard in ages.

I was pretty late to really enjoying her music, but after falling in love with “True,” her EP with Blood Orange, I’ve appreciated her gifts a lot more. This album is the culmination of that EP plus her work on Saint Heron.

But back to the girl who decided to read the fuck out of me. Solange, what’s good?


This song calls out all of my problematic behavior in such a distinct and specific way and I feel very attacked. It puts all of my demons out on front street. Judging by Twitter’s reaction to the song, I’m not the only one.

I tried to drink it away
I tried to put one in the air
I tried to dance it away
I tried to change it with my hair



I literally do this every time life gets too hard. I do it when I’m faced with a situation that’s even slightly to difficult. I’ve spent the past six months trying to drink away my problems due to my poor coping skills.

I’ve changed half of my damn wardrobe to accommodate said drinking!

I ran my credit card bill up
Thought a new dress make it better
I tried to work it away
But that just made me even sadder


I am not sitting here with a balance on both of my credit cards. Shut up, Solange!

I tried to keep myself busy
I ran around circles
Think I made myself dizzy
I slept it away, I sexed it away
I read it away


But seriously, the last song that got to me this way was “Dear No One” by Tori Kelly. Cranes In The Sky is about trying to live in denial. It captures the feeling on hopelessness that plagues a large portion of my generation. We act out to avoid our own demons, whether than be underemployment, poor credit, lack of romantic companionship, or family issues.

It also recognizes the false sense of security that these actions provide. No matter how high we get or how far we run, real life is always going to come back to the forefront. I’m going to have to start dealing with the consequences of my actions and decisions sooner or later.

That realization, while necessary, will fuel my rage when Solange and I do square up.

Have you all listened to the album? What do you think? Who will join me in my war?


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