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Today, instead of paying attention to the speakers, I read about my horoscope in the d:tail. It’s strange because I can’t imagine this would be so accurate, but it’s been fucking me up. Let’s discuss:

Sagittarius Sun
Leo Moon
Gemini Rising

Here are some key terms that show up:

“Show-off”      “Entertainer”

“Always Fidgeting”     “Need New Experiences”

“Charming”      “Prone to Bad Judgment”


I didn’t ask to be attacked like this. It is strange because I’ve always had aversions to my sun sign with its focus on athleticism and the outdoors. I don’t mind hiking and camping, but that has never been my defining trait. But adding in the context of Leo moon and Gemini ascendant really did open my mind to this whole astrology thing.

Of those standout terms, charming really stood out. I spend so much of my time focusing on how I come across. It is what I get complimented on most. I’ve even recognized that my co-worker’s spouses love me on the strength of my initial impression. I do rely on that and my sense of humor to get me over.

But there’s that pesky “prone to bad judgement.” Ouch.

The accuracy stresses me out. I attribute a lot of this to being both a people-pleaser and trying to hide my own failures. I pride myself on coming across like I have it together.Every time I get myself in a bind, I end up falling into the trap of beating myself up and slipping into a depression spiral. To my credit, I’m working to handle my reactions better these days.

The last thing that really stuck out to me was the dual personalities associated with Gemini. I’ve always called it my “all or nothing” personality. I really do have two separate entities. The charming extrovert who can rule the room at a networking event or get on stage looking crazy always gives way to the extreme introvert with bitter disposition and sour attitude. I’ve spent many years trying to hide that negative side, but it eventually comes out. Especially if I get bored or start to feel complacent (another trait pointed out in the chart).

Have you all done a natal chart? How did you feel about your results?


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