Welcome Back!

Hello blog!

Trying to catch you up on my personal life would leave this as yet another draft, so let’s talk what I’m listening to and see where we end.

Style – Satan’s Minion Taylor Swift

As it always seems to happen, someone who I think has no talent at all makes a song that I’m in love with it. But really, let’s get into it.

This song isn’t overly cutesy. There is no self-victimization. There’s no catty bullshit about other troubled, racist pop stars. I’ve complained so much about Taylor pretending to be innocent while shuffling through the best looking and most popular bland white male celebrities. No one BELIEVES YOU, Taylor. YOU NEED MORE PEOPLE! We know you’re a ruthless business-savvy bitch looking to get it in and you should own it. It’s much more interesting than her persona.

She wants to hook up with her ex. He wants to hook up with her. Their physical connection is what matters. Taylor still sounds horrible here, but what she does with this song is masterful. She makes being basic sexy. It’s not even subtle. The Genius “interpretation” of this song is that it’s about longing for love, but that is some bullshit. She is getting some dick from her ex and it feels fucking good. She is physically what he wants. He is what she is craving.

Fuck her for this fucking good song. But damnit, I love this song. It will probably be in Top 10 songs on Spotify for 2017. That’s how damn good it is.


The Weekend – SZA

I posted this on Instagram as my first Thot Bop of the summer. I think it’s fitting.

This shit is fucking IT. Side chick anthems have never sounded so intoxicating. Listening to this is like waking up after sweaty daytime sex. It’s satisfying, but it shouldn’t feel this good.


I’d never much cared for SZA as an artist, but this album has some bops on it. Though most of it is not to my taste, when she gets it right, by God! My second favorite is Love Galore, which features the lyrics:

“Why you bother me when you know you don’t want me,
Why you bother me when you know you got a woman!”

That’s some good shit right there.

Night Rather Than Day – EXID

If you’ve been around, you know that I love a good foreign language bop. I think this is the first K-pop song that I’ve suggested but just click play and it should immediately become obvious why this particular song appeals to me.

Yes Korean rap goddess! Yes body rolls and booty shiggles! Yes random English lines!


Really, the song works as the perfect mid-tempo jam with the right amount of silliness.


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